Eye on Apparel: What’s Trending?

  • Jun 1, 2021

This year, trending themes in apparel are highlighted by utilitarian jackets for work and outdoor play; versatile hoodies, including cropped styles; and sharp polos to wear at the office and in Zoom calls, with eco-friendly elements adding a popular twist to almost every introduction.

Apparel that is rugged, made to last and designed as both workwear and comfortable outdoor wear, are what companies give to workers as uniforms or as part of an onboarding package. The popularity of jackets and outdoor adventure wear may reflect the consumer’s desire to spend more time outdoors following a year that was, for millions of people, spent mainly indoors.

The trending popularity of both hoodies and polo shirts may also reflect a hybrid in the consumers’ needs, teetering between the comfort of work-from-home wear, which many consumers have grown accustomed to, and making the transition back to the office.

With a split in workers looking to return to the office and those who will continue to work from home, companies can benefit from offering apparel that is a mix of work-appropriate, work-from-home-appropriate, and outdoor adventure, in styles that are timeless and endlessly useful, particularly in today’s world.

In a December 2020 survey by the Pew Research Center, 71 percent of adults said they were currently working from home and 54 percent said they wish to continue working from home after the effects of the pandemic pass.


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